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Banking | Fintech


Supply Chain Finance Platform

Corklinc is a solution that assist buyers to optimize their cash flow by allowing businesses to extend their payment terms to their vendors while providing the option for their large and SME vendors to get paid earlier and generate further operating cash flow. We facilitate a win-win situation for all the ecosystem players.


Lending Platform for Banks & FI's

The CorkLend platform is built to help the banks and financial institutions to leverage technology to provide SMEs with greater access to working capital finance and also enhance buyer relationships by providing the ability to pay later or pay in installments. 

  • Two-click apply for financing option for the borrower

  • Loan originated and loan management 


Ai Platform for Enhanced Customer Experience

Corkintel. is an AI-as-a-Service framework that Banks and Financial Institutions (FIs) can leverage to create solutions to solve use cases that are part of their respective Digital Transformation journeys. This enables banks to fast track their development and get to market quickly to provide an innovative and enhanced experience to customers, as well as drive efficiencies internally.  

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