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Powered by Cork IT and 4th wave

Corklinc is a service Innovation of Cork Information Technology W.L.L (CIT) and 4th Wave Inc, Canada. It is focused on Supply Chain Financing and Collections that will help businesses accelerate growth, and optimize cash flow with cutting edge digital platform.

Corklinc is a platform that offers overall supply chain financing and collection solution such as Factoring, Reverse Factoring, Invoice Discounting, and Loan Against Electronic Receivables.

This platform is designed to cope with various regulatory requirements with easy configuration, customizability, and efficient deployment.

Corklinc interconnects parties, including funders, buyers, and suppliers, and enables users to exploit new opportunities in the market seamlessly and securely.

Platform Overview

MSMEs in emerging and developed markets, alike, form the backbone of the economy. However, lack of access to low-cost finance continues to remain the single biggest impediment for the SME growth. SMEs account for 99.3% of the companies in Bahrain and contribute 30% to GDP, and 8% to exports.  The SMEs Development Board of Bahrain aims to strengthen SMEs capacities and boost SMEs contribution to the GDP to 40% and SMEs exports to 20%. The Government has initiated various initiatives to meet the stated objectives.

The aim of Corklinc platform is to provide liquidity programs through a bank led model to the participants across the chain of the anchor. This liquidity is provided either through financing activity or through collections activity or a combination of both. Corklinc is focused on the industry sectors and is “anchor” driven. The following are the major industry sectors that are served through the platform right now.

Sector Proposition Sample

Ministries & Governmental entities






What Do We Offer?

Present the market with an important and meaningful financing offering with benefits that will serve to provide:​


Easing access to funding for SMEs

Significant cost reduction

Increased transparency and efficiency through digitization

Opportunity for growth

Improved relationship with buyers


Ensures sustainability


Stimulate overall economy further

Making Supply Chain Finance Faster and More Transparent 

Why Choose Corklinc?

cash flow optimization

Unique platform which helps cash flow optimization for the corporates, their suppliers, and their customers

Diverse team

Diverse team of ex-bankers and IT experts with dedication and commitment

Strategic Partner of Finexo Labs

Strategic Partner of Finexo Labs, a leader in Finance and Banking as A Service platform provider

cutting-edge digital platforms

Focused on delivering cutting-edge digital platforms


Powered by: Cork IT | 4th Wave

Corklinc - A Cork IT Company

Corklinc is a Supply Chain Finance & Collections Platform-As-A-Service Product developed by CIT. Corklinc offers a unique & customized platform that helps financial Institutions and businesses to improve working capital management & liquidity generation.

Connect with us and understand how we can help drive business growth 

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