Supply Chain Financing & Collections Platform-As-A-Service MODEL POWERED by CIT and 4th Wave

Powered by: Cork IT | 4th Wave

One of the major problems hindering SME suppliers to grow, is the locked-up cash (receivables) from their buyers (usually large corporates). Equally the pressure exerted on buyers to pay their payables, especially if suppliers have strong bargaining power.


Supply Chain Financing & Collections platform is a trusted, user-friendly platform that provides ecosystem for buyers, sellers and financiers in one marketplace with main emphasis on financing seller’s accounts receivables or buyer’s accounts payables.

SCFC is a set of solutions that assist buyers to optimize their cash flow by allowing business to extend their payment terms to their vendors while providing the option for their large and SME vendors to get paid earlier and generate further operating cash flow. We facilitate a win-win situation for all the ecosystem players.

CIT offers the Corklinc in “Platform-as-a-Service’’ (PaaS) model to all players in the ecosystem. It supports a diverse range of financing products such as Invoice Discounting, Factoring, Reverse Factoring, Forfaiting, Loan Against Electronic Receivables to name a few.

Industry Focus



Ministries & Governmental entities




Main problem for both suppliers (SMEs) and buyers (anchors) is the cash flow, where suppliers will have cash locked up and cannot expand/grow their business further and may miss out on some good market opportunity (due to shortage of funds), while the pressure on buyers to settle funds rather than utilizing it elsewhere, where they make lucrative deals. the platform will provide solution to both sides by relieving them from the cash flow concern. Banks will also benefit where they get opportunity to deploy their funds and make earnings, and opportunity to add client base to their portfolio which assures steady business.

Business Benefits


Suppliers / Vendors

  • Easy Liquidity

  • Working capital financing

  • Unlocking the value of receivable

  • Operation efficiency

  • Opportunity for growth



  • Optimized working capital position

  • Opportunities to benefit from any dynamic trade discounts that maybe offered by their suppliers

  • Reduced risk, platform result in less debt and improved credit rating, while supplier's rates are based on credit rating of buyer.

  • Reduced administrative burden – via fewer payment queries from suppliers

  • Strengthened relationships with your supply chain

  • Assurance of supplies on a timely manner and with acceptable quality

  • Sustainable relationship between buyer, supplier and bank


Financial Institutions

  • Easy on boarding of customers

  • Enhanced credit risk

  • Increase government share of wallet

  • Offering digital products

  • Improving relationship with large corporates via supporting their customer supplier (SMEs)



  • Fully configurable to enable faster innovation and quick product/service roll-out.

  • White-labelled solution that creates significant additional revenue streams for a variety number of sectors such as FCGM, Government, Health & Pharmacy, Telecom, Logistics and Manufacturing.

  • Integrated into all type of ERP solutions


Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS)

  • Pre-shipment Credit against P.O

  • Invoice Discounting

  • Factoring & Reverse Factoring

  • Loan Against PoS Receivables



SCFC Platform operates in both

  • Marketplace Mode​

  • Bilateral Mode


Powered by: Cork IT | 4th Wave


Corklinc is a Supply Chain Finance & Collections Platform-As-A-Service Product developed by CIT. Corklinc offers a unique & customized platform that helps financial Institutions and businesses to improve working capital management & liquidity generation.

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