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Driving performance in the Supply Chain​

Industry-specific solutions designed to address the various distribution processes encountered in today’s ever changing, dynamic supply chain. We have been providing industry leading solutions for emerging distributors, midsized companies, and subsidiaries of large multinationals. Scalable and modular, with rich feature sets, the distribution solution can support your company’s growth with rapid implementation and easy expansion, no matter the size or diversity of your supply chain.

Manage supply chain requirements of multiple industries within a single solution including Consumer Goods, Pharmaceuticals, Chemicals and Allied Products, Industrial Machinery, Wholesales/Industrial, Automotive, Aerospace and Defense, Medical Device, Electronics and High Tech, HVAC, Furniture and Fixtures, Rubber and Plastics, and more. We have experience working across major industries and has delivered solutions to fit the unique requirements for supplying to these industries with robust functionality including:

  • Centralized customer relationship management

  • Efficient multichannel sales order processing

  • Advanced demand and replenishment planning

  • Streamlined fulfillment process for reservation or allocation of inventories with queue and task management of all transactions

  • Full support of kitted items including engineered assembly requirements

  • Multiple unit of measurement tracking throughout

  • Extensive landed cost capabilities and container tracking

  • Company, site, warehouse, and bin level visibility and management of inventory

  • Extensive inventory management including cradle-to-grave serial and lot control, and item cross-reference

  • Flexible cycle counting and physical inventory

  • Numerous costing methods supported, including average, last, FIFO, lot, and standard costing

  • Full support of radio frequency (RF) wireless data collection and barcode scanning for 40+ warehouse transactions, directed and/or user initiated

  • Comprehensive supply chain management, including demand-driven purchase and kitting suggestions

  • Optimized shipping encompasses carrier integration with FedEx®, UPS®, DHL, USPS®, LTL

  • Supports drop ship and cross-docking functionality

  • Accurate and agile finance and accounting

  • Customer and supplier portals, dashboards, business process management (BPM), and enterprise search to support enterprise performance management initiatives

  • Support for global trade standards, country of origin, and RoHS compliance

  • Global, multi-company, multi-site, multi-warehouse deployment

  • Customer and supplier managed inventories

  • eCommerce integration

  • Event-driven, highly configurable barcode print routines are embedded throughout the warehouse operations enabling standard and 2D label generation and RFID tag output

  • Integration to material handling and

Powerful yet easy to use distribution solution available to distributors worldwide. It’s comprehensive, loaded with innovative tools to synchronize supply, and utilizes demand and fulfillment as a means to reach new, industry-leading levels of business performance.

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