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Cloud and On-Premises Enterprise Content Management

DocStar ECM is a revolutionary product that’s built for the Web and delivers deployment choice. Customers can install the solution on their hardware or use DocStar AWS hosted service. The same software, the same user experience, the same great results. DocStar ECM supports all popular browsers and mobile devices delivering access anytime, anywhere.


When deployed as a hosted service, customers can enjoy the benefits of very low overhead and minimal startup investment, easy access via a Web browser and the security of a redundant, disaster-proof data center. There is no specialized hardware to manage and there is no up-front capital investment. Although designed using robust enterprise architecture, DocStar ECM is flexible and affordable to meet the needs of a small office or enterprise environments

Flexible, Scalable Solutions Deliver the Highest Return on Investment

Regulatory compliance and business growth demand flexibility and scalability that basic document management systems (DMS) cannot support. Cloud-based DocStar ECM delivers better content management and productivity for an impressive ROI.

  • Capture and manage text, PDF, e-mail, video, HTML, and more

  • Increase accessibility and collaboration from anywhere

  • Process content quickly and efficiently with automated workflows

Dcostar in the Cloud

Deployment Choice

Document management and automated AP solutions in the cloud or on-premises. Powerful, affordable, easy to use.

Docstar AP Automation

AP Automation

Empower your team with DocStar AP Automation. Learn all about automating accounts payable with AP360.

Docstar Electronic Forms

Electronic Forms

Create and process secure, easy to use e-forms to capture, verify, approve, and integrate data with core business systems.

Docstar HR Documentation

HR Document

Spend time managing your Human Resources, not your HR documents. Automatically, quickly, and securely.

Docstar automated workflow

Automated Workflow

Build customized, streamlined, workflows to dramatically improve business processing across your organization.

Docstar Intelligent Data Capture

Intelligent Data Capture

Automatically capture, classify, and index documents to reduce errors and improve business insight and productivity.

Docstar Industry Solutions

Industry Solutions

Enterprise content management enables digital transformation across all types of industries.

Docstar PackageWorks


PackageWorks delivers streamlined, intelligent, electronic package-based workflows to improve collaboration.


  • Cloud-based, high speed access from any device 

  • Leverage smart phones  and tablets

  • Streamlines document processes and reduces errors

  • Elegant, intuitive design reduces learning curve

  • Minimize business risk associated with lost files

  • Files can be easily and securely shared with others

Connectors and Integrations

ERP-agnostic with virtually unlimited integrations. Common integrations include:

  • Microsoft® Dynamics®

  • Sage® ERP

  • Epicor ERP 10

  • Epicor Prophet 21®

  • SAP®

  • Oracle®

  • Esri ArcGis

  • Salesforce

All the Features You Need Without the Complexity

  • Import any file, from any device, anywhere in the world

  • Automatically extract and store key data with intelligent data capture

  • Create automated workflows to route documents to the right place

  • Track revisions in real time with version control

  • Apply records retention policies

  • Quickly find and retrieve files

  • Apply robust security standards for privacy and compliance

From small businesses to enterprise organizations, more than 2,000 companies trust DocStar to deliver smart content management and automated AP solutions.

Flexible, Scalable Solutions Deliver the Highest Return on Investment

Industry Leading world-class Business Automation Tools

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DocStar Overview

DocStar Overview

Secrets of World-Class AP Departments

Secrets of World-Class AP Departments

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