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Epicor iScala, is an affordable, yet comprehensive end-to-end suite of proven business solutions for small to midmarket enterprises, operating locally and globally

Powerful technologies to drive global growth

Epicor iScala, is an affordable, yet comprehensive end-to-end suite of proven business solutions for small to midmarket enterprises, operating locally and globally. Due to its simple replication, it is also valuable for the largest global enterprises that require a fully integrated multi-premises ERP solution. iScala offers the benefits of:

  • Flexible functionality for your particular organization

  • Being simple to implement, extend and operate

  • Being built for today’s mobile workforce

  • Simplifying Regulatory Compliance and Governance

Time-tested, award-winning software

For more than 20 years, businesses in Europe, the Middle East, Africa, and Asia have used Epicor iScala to help them achieve their growth goals.

This award-winning software integrates decades of industry experience, feedback from thousands of customers, and leading-edge technology into an ERP solution that can help you expand your global reach and unlock growth potential.

Epicor iScala ERP Overview

Easy-to-use software solutions for complex businesses

Drive productivity up and costs down with the intuitive, easy-to-use Epicor iScala. Save time and improve efficiency with simplified management and control. iScala lets you:

  • Gain efficiencies across all departments with tools and functions that make it easier to manage complex processes

  • Provide insights with web-based and mobile access to data

  • Improve inventory management and stock control with precise tools and real-time data

A Catalyst for Growth

Epicor iScala ERP Benefits
Software that grows with you

Don’t change your business processes to accommodate a rigid ERP system. Respond quickly in today’s highly competitive market with integrated tools that fit your needs. Epicor ICE business architecture gives you the scalability and extensibility you need to: 

  • Reach new markets, expand product lines, and grow your business with deep industry- and country-specific functionality

  • Drive improved customer experience and accelerate the digital transformation of your business

  • Gain agility and respond to new opportunities for growth through business automation and streamlined processes

Protect and secure your business

Mounting regulations can place a heavy burden on your operations. Every change can expose you to new compliance risks and challenges. Epicor iScala provides you with the tools to simplify governance, risk, and compliance (GRC)—both today and tomorrow. The iScala solution offers:

  • Extensive system security to help you meet strict regulatory requirements

  • Comprehensive auditing and reporting to track and monitor system activity

  • An integrated platform to support complex electronic reporting requirements

Epicor iScala ERP Modules

Mobile and On-the-Go

Epicor ERP Mobility

Epicor iScala Underpins Your Business Operations

Epicor ERP ROI
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Epicor iScala Overview
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Epicor iScala Overview

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