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REM For Epicor
A Comprehensive Solution for Real-Estate Industry

  • Developed on Epicor Platform

  • Specially designed for the Real Estate Industry, REM (real estate management) maintains and manages the entire business process end –to-end.

  • Comprehensive Solution for Leasing Managers, Mall Manager and Property Managers to automate complex processes handling Multiple Properties.

  • Streamline and track all tasks with real-time insights

  • Enhance communication within your entire network of agents, tenants and  contractors

Key Modules

  • Case Management

  • Property Management

  • Lease Management

  • Facilities Management

  • Financials  Management

  • Inventory Management

Epicor ERP for property management
Epicor Case Managment

CRM & Sales  Management

  • Perform  Opportunity  Management,  Reservation  Analysis, and  measure rental  revenue against  targets

  • Generate multiple  Rental Quotations  for single /  multiple units, link  with opportunities  and leads

  • CRM for  Marketing

epicor property management

Property  Management

  • Maintain  Properties using  by hierarchies

    • Building Master

    • Unit Master

    • Plot Master

    • Amenities

  • Manage  furnishing  provided with link  to Fixed Assets

  • Maintain rent  values, charges  and rates

  • Split and Merge  units for leasing  apartments, villas  and commercial  properties

Epicor Lease Management

Lease Agreement

  • Lease  Management with  Single unit /  merged units,  unfurnished/full  furnished units

  • Manage Payment frequency

  • Generate Lease  Contracts

  • Renewals and  Cancellation of  Contracts

  • Ejari integration

  • Maintain rent appraisals and  revisions with history

Epicor Facilities Management

Facilities  Management

  • Service Call  (Case  Management)

  • Equipment  Maintenance

  • Equipment  Location

  • Work Orders  (Maintenance)

  • Subcontracting  Process

Epicor Financials Management

Financials  Management

  • Contract Invoicing

  • Contract  Reversals

  • Monthly Revenue  Recognition

  • Cash Collection  (CDC / PDC)

  • Security Deposits

  • Reports and  dashboards –  occupancy,  vacancy,  collection, rent  per unit area

Epicor Inventory Management

Inventory  Management

  • Material Request

  • Approvals

  • Request for  Quote

  • Material  Purchasing

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